Complaints procedure is an integral part of the Terms and Conditions.
The buyer is obliged to get acquainted with the Complaint Rules and the Terms and Conditions before submitting a binding order.
By concluding the purchase agreement and receipt of goods from the seller to be taken as consent to the Complaint Rules and the Terms and Conditions.
As a document of warranty on display for each item purchased document (invoice or receipt) to statutory information for filing a complaint (product name, price, quantity, date of sale).

Where to send the complaint:
Claimed goods should be sent exclusively by registered mail or commercial package to the following address: s.r.o.
Complaints Department
tr. Budovatelu 2392/88
434 01 Most, Czech Republic.

Shipments content with the claimed goods:
Copies of invoices or cover letter containing the number of a procurement document.
Fault description / reason for complaint.
Your information, name, address, telephone number or email address.
Account number or address where to send the money in the refund request.
Sufficient quality shipping box to protect goods - damaged shipments shall not be accepted.

What you should know before you begin Complaint procedure:
Before starting the warranty procedures, please be sure whether the complaint is justified. For hardware in most cases the problem immediately and do not belong on the authorization of the claim in question. Give but be careful with the Software (games) in most cases the problem is solved by setting any other software (eg. Anti-virus, firewall, software emulation - Clone DVD, alcohol etc.), And then jump to sending goods to complain unnecessarily costly for both sides. Shipping in rejecting the complaint do not charge (unless goods are sent repeatedly over a possible rejection of complaint).
The shipment, add a copy of the invoice and a description of the problem or parcel dispatch (letter) in which state your name, return address, tel., Or e-contact, description of the defect and the acquisition document number. Goods wrap so that it is adequately protected during transport.
If the package damage comes not taken. The package will be returned to you, sort out where to mail your damaged package.

The warranty for new goods is two years. Second-hand goods is a guarantee of six months, but only for hidden defects, defects that are discovered when selling things or defects with which the customer was not aware when selling things.

On unpacked goods (broken cover foil) are not covered by law 14-day return period. In this case, we can only buy the goods back, in exceptional cases (no game activation codes) take her back, but we will charge for a certain part of the packaging.

If the quality or volume of the music on the headphones changes: 
If the headphones are clogged with earwax, it is necessary to clean them properly before starting the complaint. Instructions can be found, for example here.
If you send us the headphones clogged and after cleaning the defect does not show up, we will charge you the amount of 11 EUR and send the goods back. The price includes VAT and shipping back to you.
If the defect becomes apparent after cleaning, we will forward the headphones to the manufacturer for a complaint and we will inform you of the result by email, SMS, etc.
If the disc can not be loaded, check its surface:
If it contains regularly, especially circular scratches mainly PS2 a X360) There is an error on the console. Apparently it was to shove, and it was handled differently when the disc is in the drive, and there was so scratched disc optics. In this case, you lose the warranty due to mechanical damage. We can repair this damage on a special machine - repair price is 4 EUR, - + postage back to you (COD 4 EUR DPD).

In case of invalid cd key (license):
First, please contact tech. support Sony or Microsoft. If you key exchanged contact us with their statements on
If it is a game from Ubisoft (Assassin's Creed, Prince of Persia ..) you can contact the publisher, Playman, or Ubisoft.
Your problem we will try to resolve as soon as possible. Goods Please send us the cheapest possible postage.

In case of problems with the console:

For owners of Xbox consoles - you can plan your service in authorized service center.

For owners of Nintendo or Sony Playstation console from us - send it to us to address bellow: s.r.o., tr. Budovatelů 2392/88, 43401 Most, Czech Republic.

Always send your console without accessories. If you have to own the console installed HDD, we recommend that you also previously removed. If the console is sent to the service and the facilities nor we - s.r.o. or service company is not liable for any losses accessories.

In case of problems with accessories (drivers, etc.)
Goods should be sent directly to us: s.r.o., tr. Budovatelů 2392/88, 43401 Most, Czech Republic - description of the problem you can write on the back of the copy of the invoice.

Violation of protective seals, informative labels and serial numbers, the buyer runs the risk of rejection of the complaint, unless damage occurs during normal use. Seal and serial numbers are an integral part of the goods and do not limit the customer's right to use goods and manipulate it in full of what the goods are destined.
The warranty does not cover damage caused by:
mechanical damage of goods
use of goods in conditions that do not correspond to temperature, dust etc.
improper installation, handling, operation or neglect of merchandise
damage to the goods or part of a computer virus, etc.
if the defect occurs only with software for which the customer is not able to prove legal way of acquisition or use of unauthorized software and consumables
damage caused by excessive load or use contrary to the conditions stated in the documentation or the general principles
performing unskilled or unauthorized intervention by changing the parameters
goods which have been adjusted by the customer (painting, bending, etc.), if the defect was a result of this adjustment
when incorrect execution upgrade the BIOS firmware
damage to natural elements or force majeure
the use of incorrect or defective software
use of incorrect or non-original supplies, or for any damages incurred as a consequence, if such use is not common yet been ruled out in the attached instructions for use.

If the buyer does not collect the goods from the Customer's claim within 6 months from the date when he was informed about the settlement, we reserve the right to sell the goods and the proceeds used to pay storage charges.

The warranty period of products purchased by companies is 1 (one) year from the issue date of the invoice.

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